Rose Porto 's  Bio
Rose has always had a facination with the paranormal, ever since having had ghostly experiences as a child, she was determined to prove the spirit world existed.
  As a teen she started her " ghost hunting" at local haunted locations and in friends attics and basements.
As an adult she  joined, ghost groups, she has investigated many haunted locations such as restaurants, B&Bs, hotels, museums, libraries, Gettysburg battlefeild and the Derby opera house, her path has her, working with many families, afflicted with all types of hauntings..
She has worked with renowned exorcist Bishop Robert Mckenna, and the famous  paranormal priest Fr.Bob Bailey,well known from A&E's Paranormal State.
She has appeared on animal planet's "The Haunted", and has been featured in  local newspaper articles.
Besides working with  her  team on cases, she is working on a paranormal documentary, and writing a book on her experiences.Rose also runs her hair salon,by day,and her love of animals has her helping animal shelters in need.

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