There are two types of spirits encountered in a true haunting.
The most common is human, and the other is inhuman. An inhuman has never walked the earth in human form.
Some claim inhumans are inclined to be negative or malevolent type hauntings, negative in nature.
   There are many reasons for human hauntings, if a location has had a great deal of suffering,pain trama,fear or desperation that energy can be trapped. If a person suddenly dies,in an accident or is murdered, he or
 she may not know they are no longer alive. They can also be in denial and refuse to accept their death and not
 want to move on .
Caught in between the worlds, they will either return to what for them was a normal state ,such as going back
 to the home they loved,to oversee how their affairs are being handled. In cases where a new tenant moves in and
 starts renovating,if the changes are unacceptable to the previous owner or "ghost",this can cause a haunting.
    Some souls have unfinished bussiness,and can't leave until those issues are resolved. A murder victim, who
 can't rest until their muderer is brought to justice.Or a promise that hasnt been fullfilled.
   Human hauntings just want to be acknowledeged, or may want your help, they may do subtle,things like moving small objects,theory is, no heavier than 3-8 pounds.One may experience floral smells,laughter,voices or be lucky
 or unlucky enough to witness a full bodied apparition.
  Some homes may be built on indian burial grounds ,unholy ground or cursed plots.these locations cause an array of activity being experienced ,and mostly always negative.
 Demonic hauntings,are the more severe type hauntings, and are very dangerous, only people who have
experience with the demonic, should handle this type of haunting, their main purpose is to cause harm ,and destroy life ,with the ultimate goal of full possesion and the taking of ones soul . Physical harm, like scratches and burn marks can appear, along with pychological harm. Initially, one person is the main target, but eventually,as activity escalades the whole family is affected. The activity includes dark shadows, black mist, nightmares ,rotting flesh smell, loud banging noises, large objests can be seen levitaing , such as heavy furniture,are just some of the activity,experienced with this type of haunting.
With demonic or negative hauntings,a priest , shaman or depending on the religon,that is followed, will perform blessings or deliverance prayers.