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This is the story on how Ghost Chasers got started.

I had several paranormal experiences and ever since I had that I have been interested in learning more. I was a member on a local team but they didn't have much going on and I like a lot going on so I have went out on my own!

I have always wanted to be on a ghost hunting team even before it got so popular on TV these days. I grew up in a haunted house. My father is still living and residing in the house and just yesterday told me another story about the many ghost that reside in the house. I have recently retired from Nursing and finally able to do the thing I wanted to do the most! Chase Ghosts!

As far back as I can remember in Alabama our house was haunted. I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama in the 60's. Needless to say there was a lot going on then. Very scary for a kid that was 6 years old in 1966. Mom my brother and me being in the house late at night while dad was working at United States Steele 11 to 7 shift. Noises outside were scarier than noises inside the house. When we heard noises inside, for instance me lying in bed going to sleep I would hear the noise and know it was our ghost and wasn't afraid! Isn't that weird? All the sounds, the shadows that moved in the house, the images I saw. I had learned that this was normal in ones home. I was taught to take for granite. Thank goodness it was good ghosts!

I am sure playing in the cemetery as much as we did during the day and night and before me my Mom growing up in the same area when she was a little girl doing the same thing no wonder we had Ghost. My Grandmother's home was just a block away from the cemetery. We were 4 blocks from it. My Aunt living right directly across from the cemetery! So staying at all these homes when I was a boy I really spent a lot of time there. It was nothing to take a short cut through the cemetery any time of day or night. It is a huge cemetery with some very old parts. So needless to say it was a very active place for the paranormal. We saw a lot of things there. I would hear the grown ups talking about it. My Aunt would keep late hours and sit up and read looking out the window directly into the cemetery. So I did hear a lot. I was interested in paranormal back then and didnlty even know it! LOL! I have several more stories but that is why I got started with my own team and group. More later

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David Teer

Connecticut Ghost Chasers

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